The Lessons

On Deck offers private lessons year-round at our newly renovated indoor facility. We have experienced instructors that can teach to all age & skill levels.


The Camps

The skateboard camp program at On Deck, is the longest running and most effective skateboard camp in Ottawa. Our camps operate with low instructor-to-student ratios and focus on individual as well as group instruction. We at On Deck take great pride in many years of rave reviews from kids and parents resulting in repeat registrations year after year. Our goal from day one is to help build each child’s confidence on and off their skateboard.  Our camps have received these rave reviews year after year for a reason, and that reason is that we do not want to run a day care and would rather share our passion with each person that rolls through our door focusing each day on what they want to learn. Life is measured by progression and skateboarders like to show progression every day they set foot on their skateboard, and we are here to help make that happen.  

Each day we start by discussing what each skater wants to learn then set out a game plan of progression to reach their goals one step at a time. This is a skateboard camp that actually focusses on the art of skateboarding. We do not have kids making origami (as creative as that is) or swimming or doing other activities to fill their day, we skateboard and everything we do on and off our skateboards for breaks etc is all based on helping each skater progress and learn how to focus and build new skills to be more confident on their skateboards. We break each day for lunch under our big old shade tree out front of the building and always encourage kids to take breaks throughout each day when needed to hydrate and snack for energy. We work on skateboard upkeep and even sometimes find ourselves discussing the finer art of retail sales and what it took to start my own business at the age of 18.

Every day for the last 30 yrs On Deck has focussed on making this a positive environment and place where kids can grow together and individually, and doing so we feel a huge sense of pride to be such a supportive & contributing part of this city and the skateboard scene.  Currently we run eight camps each year, six during the summer, and one during Christmas break and March break. * We now run PD Day Camps every PD Day throughout each year.

“I wanted to express my gratitude for the excellent skateboarding camp you ran over the
holidays. My son LOVED it and he is excited for his next camp with you. I am impressed
with the progress he made over the course of just a few days. You taught him technical
skills and you built up his confidence. I can hear the admiration in his voice when he
talks about you guys. Thank you!!
See you guys soon!”


The Age

Camp is for kids between the ages of five to sixteen. All levels of ability are welcome, unlike most camps we can work one-on-one with kids just starting right through to advanced level skaters looking to take it to the next level.


The Gear

Each camp participant requires a skateboard, as well as an appropriate helmet and elbow and knee pads. If you want to purchase a skateboard, helmet, or pads please contact the shop – we can properly size everything for you including the skateboard!


The Food

Snacks and a lunch with drink(s) must be sent with your child each day.

Note: In order to accommodate everyone, please…nothing containing peanuts or nuts of any kind!


The Paperwork

Each participant (or participant guardian if under 18) must complete the On Deck Skateboard Shop waiver form. Payment is non-refundable to solidify your spot in the camp.  If you can not attend, a store credit or credit towards future camps or lessons will be issued in place of the course.

Please note there will be no credit given within two weeks prior to the camp you are registered for.



Order our great gear online! Shipped to you or available for local pickup.

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